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Hand or Money

Hand or Money is an exciting and thrilling money-making game that will test your courage and quick reflexes. Are you ready to take risks and potentially become a millionaire? In this game, you’ll face the ultimate challenge of placing your hand between sharp blades to grab the cash. However, you must be swift and retract your hand before the blades descend, or else you risk losing both hands. It’s a race against time as you seize the moment, face your fears, and strive to amass your fortune. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join you in this heart-pounding experience and see who can rise to the top! Start playing Hand or Money now and embark on your journey to wealth and excitement.

How to play Hand or Money game

To play Hand or Money, follow these steps:

  • Start the game: Launch the Hand or Money game on your device.
  • Understand the objective: The goal of the game is to grab as much cash as you can without getting your hand caught by the sharp blades.
  • Place your hand: Position your hand on the screen, between the virtual sharp blades.
  • Timing is crucial: Keep a close eye on the timing. As soon as you’re ready, tap or swipe to make your move.
  • Grab the cash: Move your hand quickly and precisely to grab the cash that appears on the screen. Be careful not to touch the blades!
  • Retract your hand: Once you’ve collected the cash, swiftly retract your hand from the danger zone before the blades come down.
  • Avoid mistakes: Remember, if the blades touch your hand, you’ll lose and the game will end.
  • Aim for high scores: Strive to collect as much cash as possible in each attempt to achieve a high score. Challenge yourself to improve with each round.
  • Invite friends to join: Share the excitement with your friends and invite them to play Hand or Money. Compete against each other to see who can become the ultimate millionaire.
  • Repeat and improve: Keep playing, refining your reflexes, and aiming for higher scores. Practice makes perfect!

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