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Garage Master – Nuts and Bolts

Garage Master – Nuts and Bolts challenges you to become the ultimate mechanic by sorting nuts by color to match the corresponding bolts. At first glance, this may seem simple, but the game introduces complexity by mixing the nuts, making it a true test of your problem-solving skills. This color-sorting game offers a perfect opportunity to enhance your logical thinking and precision.

As you progress, you’ll encounter increasingly difficult puzzles that require careful attention and strategic planning. The satisfaction of successfully matching all the nuts to their bolts is immense, and the rewards are even more exciting. Once your task is complete, you get to open your super garage and customize your car, choosing from one of four unique skins.


  • Sort nuts by color to match the corresponding bolts.
  • Use your problem-solving abilities to navigate the challenges presented by mixed nuts.
  • Enjoy the reward of customizing your car in your super garage with a selection of four skins.


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