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Jelly Quest Mania

Jelly Quest Mania is the ultimate free-to-play match-3 puzzle game that promises hours of fun and excitement. If you’re looking for a game to kill time or simply unwind, then look no further! With its engaging gameplay and charming graphics, Jelly Quest Mania is sure to provide you with the perfect gaming experience.

Jelly Quest Mania features

With 50 levels to explore, this game offers a challenge for players of all skill levels. The diverse levels keep the game fresh and exciting, with new obstacles to overcome and new jellies to collect at every turn. The graphics are sure to delight players of all ages, with vibrant colors and fun animations.

How to play Jelly Quest Mania

To play the game, simply match three or more jellies of the same type to collect them. But be careful – each level comes with its own set of objectives, and you’ll need to complete them all before you run out of time or moves.

  • Launch the game and select the level you want to play.
  • Look for groups of three or more jellies of the same type.
  • Swipe the jelly group horizontally or vertically to make a match.
  • Collect all the objectives before running out of time or moves.
  • Some jellies are locked, but you can free them by making a match.
  • Plan your moves carefully to achieve the best results and progress to the next level.
  • Keep playing and completing levels to unlock new challenges and progress through the game.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of jellies today and see how many levels you can complete! With challenging gameplay, uplifting graphics, and endless fun, this match-3 puzzle game is sure to become your new favorite pastime.

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