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Alien Bubbles

Embark on an extraterrestrial adventure with Alien Bubbles, a captivating game that draws inspiration from beloved classics like Puzzle Bubble. Engage in a battle of precision and strategy as you skillfully launch arrows towards a cluster of colorful aliens, aiming to match them with their corresponding hues. Time your shots perfectly, ensuring that your arrow finds its mark and eliminates the alien threat.

Beware, however, as the arsenal of special arrows at your disposal comes with a limited supply, requiring prudent decision-making to maximize their impact. Progress through an array of challenging levels, demonstrating your prowess and ultimately emerging as the savior of the world.

How to play Alien Bubbles game

To play Alien Bubbles, follow these simple steps:

  • Aim your arrow: Use your arrow keys or finger to aim the arrow in the desired direction. Take into account the trajectory and the positions of the aliens.
  • Shoot the arrow: Once you’ve aimed, press spacebar or tap to shoot the arrow towards the cluster of aliens. The arrow will travel in a straight line until it hits an alien or the wall.
  • Match colors: Your goal is to hit aliens of the same color as your arrow. When the arrow connects with aliens of the same color, they will disappear, earning you points.
  • Use special arrows strategically: Throughout the game, you will come across special arrows with unique abilities. These can deal more damage or have special effects. However, remember that the number of special arrows is limited, so use them wisely to maximize their impact.
  • Clear the level: Your objective is to eliminate all the aliens from the level. Aim accurately and strategically to clear the screen and progress to the next level.
  • Beat all the levels: Alien Bubbles offers multiple levels of increasing difficulty. Test your skills, solve puzzles, and overcome challenges as you advance through the game.

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