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What The Hen!

What The Hen! brings you comical battles featuring collectible heroes in strategically engaging tower defense showdowns. With a collection of over 100 unique Hero and Heroine cards, fully prepared for combat, you can upgrade and transform each minion into a powerhouse hero.

Conquer formidable bosses, embark on campaign adventures, and engage in intense 1-on-1 strategic duels against countless summoners in the PVP arena. Immerse yourself in event battles to secure ranking rewards and special prizes for added enjoyment!

More about “What the Hen!” game

“What The Hen!” is a mobile game that combines elements of strategy, tower defense, and collectible card games. Developed by Charged Monkey, it offers a humorous and colorful gaming experience.

In the game, players collect a variety of unique hero and heroine cards, each with its own abilities and characteristics. These cards are used to build a team of heroes that will battle against waves of enemy minions and bosses in tower defense-style gameplay.

One of the notable features of “What The Hen!” is its lighthearted and humorous tone. The game features comical characters and dialogues that add a fun and entertaining element to the gameplay.

Players can upgrade and evolve their heroes to make them more powerful and unlock new abilities. The game also includes a PvP arena where players can compete against each other in strategic duels. Additionally, there are special event battles that offer rewards and opportunities to earn unique items.

“What The Hen!” has garnered a dedicated player base and positive reviews for its engaging gameplay, charming art style, and entertaining writing. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a wide range of mobile gamers.

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