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Aqua Blocks

Aqua Blocks is a unique and addictive puzzle game that brings a fresh twist to the classic Tetris game. It features cute water-themed graphics and delightful sound effects that create a relaxing atmosphere.

How to play Aqua Blocks

The objective of the game is to create horizontal or vertical lines of blocks by dragging and dropping them onto the board. At any given time, you will see three different shapes of blocks, and you need to place them strategically to complete the shape. The game also comes with an Aqua Power, which allows you to remove a line of blocks horizontally or vertically. However, you need to use it wisely because it has limited use. Be careful not to leave any empty spaces on the board, or the game will be over. The more lines you clear, the higher your score will be.

Key features

  • Aqua Blocks is a casual puzzle game with cute water graphics and lovely sound effects.
  • The goal of the game is to create a vertical or horizontal line of blocks by dragging and dropping the shapes in the right place.
  • Players will see three different shapes at a time and must strategize to fit them together.
  • The game features an Aqua Power which helps to remove a horizontally and vertically block line from the board.
  • Players must strategically place all the blocks to avoid running out of space and ending the game.
  • Clearing more and more lines will lead to higher scores.
  • Aqua Blocks is a game that can keep casual gamers entertained for hours.

Aqua Blocks is perfect for casual gamers who want to enjoy a relaxing puzzle game that provides hours of entertainment.

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