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Bubble Shooter Challenge

Bubble Shooter Challenge is a fun and addictive game that offers an excellent way to improve your reaction skills. To play, aim your cannon at the bubbles and shoot them by clicking the mouse or tapping the screen. Try to create groups of bubbles with the same color to make them disappear.

Objective of the game

Your objective is to pop the bubbles by shooting them with your cannon, but you must also try to group them in blocks of three or more to clear them from the screen. The faster you clear the bubbles, the more points you’ll score.

How to Play Bubble Shooter Challenge

  • Aim and shoot: Use your mouse or finger to aim the bubble shooter and shoot bubbles onto the screen. Match three or more bubbles of the same color to clear them from the screen.
  • Strategize: Try to group bubbles together to clear more bubbles in one go.
  • Don’t let bubbles hit the bottom: The game ends if any bubble touches the bottom of the screen, so be sure to clear them before they reach the bottom.
  • Progress through levels: Complete each level by clearing all the bubbles on the screen. As you progress through the levels, the game will become more challenging with new colors and patterns of bubbles.

Tips for Playing Bubble Shooter Challenge

  • Plan your moves: Analyze the position of the bubbles on the screen and plan your moves accordingly. Try to create groups of bubbles to clear multiple bubbles in one go.
  • Use the walls: Use the walls to your advantage by bouncing bubbles off them. This can help you get to hard-to-reach areas on the screen.
  • Prioritize: Don’t waste time trying to clear bubbles that don’t pose an immediate threat. Prioritize bubbles that are close to the bottom of the screen and could potentially end the game.
  • Combo: If you make a combo, that is, if you connect 3 or more bubbles 10 times in a row, you will receive a glowing bubble as a reward. It destroys all other bubbles, so it’s best to let the bubbles approach the bottom. In that case, aim your bubble to move in a zigzag manner.


Use mouse on desktop or touch screen on mobile device to play Bubble Shooter Challenge game.

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