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Daily Solitaire

Welcome to the captivating realm of Daily Solitaire, where the intricacies of a deck of cards unlock a daily trove of brain-teasing delight. Immerse yourself in this timeless and utterly engrossing web game. It presents the ideal canvas for unwinding, mental challenges, and honing your card-solving prowess.

Embark on a daily journey of solitaire exploration and indulge in the gratifying blend of strategy and relaxation.

How to play Daily Solitaire

To play the Daily Solitaire game, follow these steps:

  • Objective: Your goal is to arrange all the cards into four foundation piles. Start each pile with an Ace and build it in ascending order from Ace to King.
  • Foundation Piles: Begin by placing the Aces of each suit in the foundation piles. As you progress, build upon these piles by adding cards in sequential order, starting with the 2, then the 3, and so on, until you reach the King.
  • Tableau Columns: The main playing area consists of seven columns. You can move a single card or a group of cards to one of these columns. The topmost card in each column is the only one that is face-up and available for play.
  • Card Movement: To move a card to another column, it must be one rank lower than the topmost card of the target column. Тhe color of the cards should alternate (red cards go on black cards, and vice versa).
  • Red Queen and Black King: Specifically, a red Queen (hearts or diamonds) can be placed on top of a black King (spades or clubs), provided the sequential rank criteria is met.
  • Card Flipping: Revealing new cards happens as you move cards from the columns You can flip over a facedown card by removing the cards on top of it.
  • Empty Columns: If you clear a column, you can place a King or a group of cards starting with a King in the empty spot.
  • Winning: Successfully moving all the cards to the foundation piles according to the rules leads to winning the game.

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