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Solitaire Classic

Solitaire Classic, also known as Patience, stands as the epitome of the world’s most popular card games. Offering a perfect balance of relaxation and brain training, this timeless game has captured the hearts of players across the globe. Solitaire by Albayoo takes the classic game to new heights with its stunning graphics, delightful animations, and a host of exciting features.

Immerse yourself in the game’s immersive atmosphere, enhanced by customizable backgrounds, and enjoy the convenience of offline play. While providing the ultimate casual gaming experience, Solitaire Classic goes beyond entertainment. It serves as an online strategy game that stimulates your mind, helping to keep your cognitive abilities sharp.

So, if you’re in search of a game that not only offers endless enjoyment but also provides a brain-boosting experience, Solitaire Classic is the perfect choice. Engage in this addictive and strategic card game, enhance your mental agility, and enjoy hours of engaging entertainment.

How to play Solitaire Classic game

To play Solitaire Classic, follow these simple steps:

  • Game Goal: The objective of Solitaire Classic is to sort all the cards in the order of the same suit from Ace (A) to King (K) in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Action: To move a card, click or drag it to the desired location. You can either move a single card or click on the bottom card of the deck to move an entire column.
  • Playing Area: Arrange the cards in the playing area according to the rules of alternation between black and red suits. For example, a black 7 can be placed on a red 8. The empty slots in the playing area can be filled with a King (K) or a sequence of cards starting with a King.
  • Flop Area: Click on the deck’s pile to reveal either 1 or 3 cards, depending on the game settings. If the revealed cards are playable on the playing area, you should immediately move them to the appropriate location. If the deck is turned over completely, click on it again to reshuffle and re-deal the cards.
  • Strategy and Planning: Plan your moves carefully and consider the potential consequences of each decision. Utilize the available cards in the flop area and the deck to create new opportunities for moving cards and uncovering hidden cards.
  • Completion: Continue sorting the cards in each suit from Ace to King until all cards are in their designated positions. Successfully sorting all the cards in the Solitaire Classic game indicates your completion of the game with a resounding success.

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