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Dangerous Adventure 2

Dangerous Adventure 2 is an exciting adventure game that takes you on a journey to seek work and explore new horizons. As you arrive at Northwill, a small settlement on the border of the state, you are greeted by a beam of light coming from the window of a local tavern, where adventurers gather to find a hot meal and simple tasks given by the locals.

As you embark on your dangerous adventure, you must build and level a team of heroes, each with their own unique skills that will help you navigate the levels. With your team, you’ll explore different areas, slay monsters, and solve puzzles to uncover the secrets of the land.

Key features

One of the key features of Dangerous Adventure 2 is its unique battle system, which combines the elements of match-3 games with RPG mechanics. In battle, you must match colored stones to perform attacks and gain mana. The damage of your attacks will depend on the choice of colored runes, and you’ll have to select groups of adjacent stones of the right color to penetrate the armor of your opponents.

In addition to the challenging battles, you’ll also be able to collect items, equipment, and spells that will help you on your journey. You can use the gold you earn to upgrade your equipment and improve your hero’s abilities. With 16 unique areas to explore and over 7 hours of gameplay, Dangerous Adventure 2 will keep you engaged and entertained for hours.

How to play Dangerous Adventure 2

The game is easy to navigate, and you can use your mouse to select your heroes and move them around the map. So, what are you waiting for? Start your dangerous adventure today and explore the land of Northwill!

In the game, you have a very useful interactive tutorial that can help you a lot in mastering the way the game is played.

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