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Idle Desert Life

Embark on an incredible desert adventure with Idle Desert Life, a captivating building placement game that will test your skills and strategic thinking. In this unique game, you are tasked with creating your own raft to navigate the vast desert and save other survivors along the way.

Expand your team and work together to explore new continents, immersing yourself in diverse customs and cultures. As you progress, you will have the opportunity to rebuild the city civilization and restore hope to the survivors. However, be aware that only the top 1% of captains can successfully complete the challenging shipbuilding task. Will you rise to the occasion and become one of them? Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey and start playing Idle Desert Life now!

How to play Idle Desert Life game

  • Build your raft: Start by constructing your own raft using the available resources. Customize and design it according to your preferences.
  • Save survivors: As you navigate the desert, you will come across other survivors in need of help. Rescue them by bringing them on board your raft and expanding your team.
  • Form a team: As you save more survivors, form a team with them. Each team member may possess unique skills and abilities that can contribute to your journey.
  • Explore new continents: Travel to different continents in search of resources, treasures, and new adventures. Each continent may present unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Rebuild city civilization: Use the resources you gather to rebuild and develop the city civilization. Construct buildings, establish infrastructure, and create a thriving community for the survivors.
  • Complete shipbuilding task: Aim to become one of the top 1% of captains by successfully completing the challenging shipbuilding task. This requires careful planning, resource management, and strategic decision-making.
  • Progress and upgrades: Continuously upgrade your raft, team, and city to enhance your capabilities and unlock new opportunities. Progress through the game to uncover more features and challenges.

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