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Juicy Cubes

If you are a fan of juicy fruits and exciting puzzles, then Juicy Cubes is the game for you. In this addictive and colorful puzzle game, you need to match and connect different kinds of fruits to progress through the levels.

Tips for playing Juicy Cubes

Clear groups of 3 or more cubes of the same color. New rows of blocks are added over time in survival mode. Keep in mind that you have a different goal on every next level. Plan your strategy carefully and try to finish the level. Refer to the in-game tutorial, which can help you understand how to play the game.

Special tiles

  • Click a lollipop to remove the cubes of the same color
  • Click a rainbow candy to clear neighboring cubes
  • To melt the ice, make a match with the frozen cube, or use a bomb.
  • Use cross-bombs, vertical & horizontal bombs to clear a whole row or a column of cubes.

Features of the game

  • It’s a fun and engaging puzzle game.
  • Players match together delicious and tasty fruit.
  • The game has more modes for playing
  • There are in-game powerups available to help players.
  • The goal is to complete levels quickly and with the least amount of moves possible to earn higher scores.

With hundreds of levels to play, Juicy Cubes will keep you entertained for hours.

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