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Jungle Bubble Shooter

Jungle Bubble Shooter game is a classic bubble shooter genre. You need to aim, match, and pop all the colorful bubbles. To pop the bubbles, you have to connect three or more bubbles of the same color by shooting them.

Try to pop all the bubbles with as few hits as possible.

Main features

  • Cool design
  • Leaderboard — It’s time to increase your visibility on the leaderboard.
  • Pleasant music and excellent sound effects
  • Many features (bombs, stars, thunders, rainbows)
  • Many types of bubbles (colorful, skull, shielded, glass, clock, question, rock bubbles, spiked and so on).

How to play


Tap and drag to change direction of shooting. Release to shoot bubbles of the same color.
Controls: tap and drag.


Move the mouse pointer to change the direction. Click to shoot.
Controls: click and move.

Number of levels

Jungle Bubble Shooter game has 4 maps to play and 15 levels in each map — 60 levels in total.

Useful advice

  • Use bounce off the edges to hit hard-to-reach bubbles.
  • Tap/click on the gun to change color of the bubble if another one has better chance to pop three or more.
  • On the right side you can see special boosters (bombs, thunders, rainbows, and stars) — if you stack then click/tap on it if available and pop bubbles quicker and faster.
  • Try to collect all three stars.


Under the button Settings you can toggle sound and/or audio. Also, you can change volume.

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