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Jungle Chains

Jungle Chains, a captivating and addictive puzzle game, invites you to embark on an exciting animal matching adventure. Discover and match pairs of similar animals to increase your match count and boost your score. With each successful match, you have the opportunity to create a chain of matching sets, adding a thrilling element of strategy and skill to the game.

Your ultimate objective is to liberate all the animals trapped in nets, a task that must be accomplished to conquer each level. The longer your matching chains become, the higher your score climbs, bringing a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Navigate through a series of challenging levels, each offering a unique arrangement of tiles and an increased difficulty. Your goal is to clear all the tiles by freeing the trapped animals, advancing to the next level and unlocking even more captivating challenges. Strategize your moves, plan your chains, and keep a close eye on the remaining tiles to emerge victorious.

How to play Jungle Chains game

To embark on an exciting animal matching adventure in the Jungle Chains game, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Jungle Chains game on your device.
  • You will be presented with a level filled with tiles featuring different animal images.
  • Your objective is to find matching pairs of similar animals and connect them.
  • Tap or click on a tile and connect three or more identical ones to make a successful chain.
  • As you connect them, the animals will be freed from the nets, increasing your progress towards completing the level.
  • Aim to create long matching chains by strategically connecting multiple pairs in succession.
  • Chaining together a long matching set will boost your score and bring a sense of accomplishment.
  • Pay attention to the remaining tiles and plan your moves carefully to ensure you don’t miss any matches.
  • Your goal is to clear all the tiles by freeing the trapped animals from the nets.
  • Progress through a series of challenging levels, each offering unique tile arrangements and increased difficulty.
  • Strive to complete each level by setting all the animals free, unlocking new levels, and facing more captivating challenges.
  • Enjoy the vibrant jungle-themed game environment and immerse yourself in the thrilling gameplay of Jungle Chains.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Jungle Chains, where every level brings new opportunities to exercise your matching skills and achieve impressive scores. Let the thrill of unlocking matching sets and setting the animals free propel you forward as you progress through the game. Get ready to unleash your puzzle-solving abilities, engage in captivating gameplay, and delve into the enchanting jungle realm of Jungle Chains!


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