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Number Collector: Brainteaser

Engage in Number Collector: Brainteaser, intelligent mind-breaker logic game designed to enhance your logic, intelligence, math skills, IQ, and memory. The challenge involves connecting number blocks strategically to achieve the required sum. A delightful game for both kids and adults, it offers endless gameplay to keep you entertained.

Main features of Collector: Brainteaser game

  • Educational Value: Boost your cognitive abilities and develop your mind while enjoying a challenging and educational gaming experience.
  • Math Enthusiasts: Perfect for those who love math, providing a stimulating environment to enhance your mathematical skills.
  • Appealing to All Ages: Tailored for both kids and adults, making it a versatile and family-friendly game suitable for everyone.
  • Leaderboard Competition: Compare your records with other players on the online leaderboard, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay.
  • Vibrant Graphics: Enjoy colorful graphics and engaging effects that make the gaming experience visually appealing.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Whether on a PC or mobile device, the game offers simple controls – use the mouse for PCs or touch/tap on tablets and phones.
  • Endless Entertainment: With endless gameplay, challenge yourself to keep making your brain smarter with every level.

Immerse yourself in the world of Number Collector: Brainteaser and experience the joy of sharpening your mind while having fun!


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