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Treehouses Maker

In Treehouses Maker, an engaging online cartoon background elimination game, you’ll embark on a delightful journey of building treehouses.

Your objective is to eliminate blocks and collect trees to construct charming houses in each level. To progress through the game, you need to match three identical blocks in the fields located at the top of the game screen. With five fields available, your challenge is to strategically eliminate the blocks and avoid filling all the fields without being able to create a row of three identical blocks.

Exercise your puzzle-solving skills, make strategic moves, and enjoy the whimsical world of Treehouses Maker.

How to play Treehouses Maker game

To play Treehouses Maker, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the game: Open Treehouses Maker on your device or access it through your preferred web browser.
  • Understand the objective: The goal of the game is to eliminate blocks and collect trees to build treehouses. Each level presents a new opportunity to create charming structures.
  • Match three identical blocks: Look at the top of the game screen where you’ll find five fields. Your task is to match three blocks of the same type in these fields. By doing so, you’ll clear the blocks and progress in the game.
  • Make strategic moves: Analyze the layout of the blocks and plan your moves accordingly. Consider the available options and aim to create matches that will clear the blocks and bring you closer to completing the level.
  • Avoid filling all fields: Be cautious not to fill all the fields at the top of the game screen without being able to create a row of three identical blocks. If you cannot make a match, it may lead to the end of the game.
  • Progress through levels: As you successfully complete levels, you’ll unlock new challenges and have the opportunity to construct more elaborate treehouses.
  • Enjoy the cartoon backgrounds: Immerse yourself in the charming and colorful world of Treehouses Maker. Appreciate the delightful cartoon backgrounds that accompany each level.


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