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Wok Planet

On the planet of Wok, a peaceful coexistence with its inhabitants thrived for countless millennia, until an unexpected intrusion disrupted the harmony. Unfriendly aliens infiltrated the planet, imposing their dominance over vast territories.

The aliens subjected helpless Woks to cruel experiments. The remaining survivors took refuge in caves, clinging to hope for a miracle. However, among the resilient Woks, a group emerged that refused to accept defeat. United in their resistance, they now stand determined to reclaim their planet from the clutches of the invaders.

Join the ranks of the resistance and gather essential mechanisms. Harness the unique abilities of the Woks to initiate a remarkable counteroffensive, taking back control of Wok Planet! Embark on this thrilling adventure and unleash the power of the Woks in an epic battle against the alien invaders.

How to play Wok Planet game

You can follow the in-game instructions provided at the beginning of the game. Also, you can access the help button located in the bottom-left corner for further guidance and assistance. The in-game instructions will provide you with essential information on how to play, including the game mechanics, controls, and objectives.

Make a skeleton and check your wheels. Put the pilot in and let’s go.

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