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Bead Cleaner Amaze

Bead Cleaner Amaze is a fun and casual game that is easy to play yet challenging enough to keep you engaged for hours.

How to play Bead Cleaner Amaze

The objective of the game is simple – you just need to manipulate the tool so that it can help the bead to go to clean. The game has many levels, each with different colors of beads to eliminate, and as you progress through the levels, the challenge becomes more and more difficult.

  • On the screen, you will see a colored bead and a cleaning station.
  • To clean the bead, you need to move the tool to the left or right, making sure that the bead falls into the cleaning station.
  • The tool can be moved by swiping left or right on the screen.
  • Once the bead falls into the cleaning station, it will disappear.
  • The game has multiple levels, and each level has different colors of beads that need to be eliminated.
  • The goal is to eliminate all the beads in each level to progress to the next level.
  • The game becomes progressively more challenging as you progress through the levels.

The main features of the game

Bead Cleaner Amaze is suitable for players of all ages, and it can be a great way to pass the time and improve your concentration and problem-solving skills.

  • It’s a simple game with easy-to-understand mechanics
  • Simple and casual gameplay
  • Manipulate the tool to help beads go to clean
  • Different colors of beads to eliminate in each level
  • Multiple levels to challenge

Whether you are looking for a quick game to play during a break or a longer gaming session, Bead Cleaner Amaze is the perfect choice. With its colorful graphics and simple gameplay, this game is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment. So why not give it a try today and see how many levels you can conquer?

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