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Castle Defense

Get ready to defend your castle against hordes of monsters in the thrilling tower defense game, Castle Defense! With over 40 map levels and four different themes, this epic strategy game will keep you engaged for hours.

How to play Castle Defense

In Castle Defense, your objective is to protect your castle from enemy attacks by building defenders along the road to kill monsters and earn E-points. You need to strategically place your defenders along the road to take out the different types of monsters that will come your way. There are four types of defense towers and troops available, each with their own unique abilities and upgradable options.

You can choose from the Alchemist house, which continuously generates E-points over time, or the Cannon Tower, which only attacks ground enemies. The Lightning Tower is another option that can attack both ground and air enemies. And don’t forget about the Swordsman and Wizard troopers, who can block the road and prevent enemies from reaching your castle.

To aid you in your battle, there are also five types of magical skills with awesome powers to help you defeat the monsters. With over 12 different types of monsters to face, each with their own skills and abilities, you’ll need all the help you can get!

With its beautiful landscapes and animations, Castle Defense is not just one of the best strategy/defense games on the market, but also a feast for the eyes. And with keywords like epic, tower defense, and strategy game free, this game is sure to attract players looking for a challenge.

Key features

  • Epic strategy/defense game that keeps you playing for hours
  • Unique playstyle that combines the tower placement and troop command
  • 4 types of defense towers and troops with various upgradable options
  • 5 types of magical skills with awesome powers to drown out the monsters
  • 40+ map levels with four different themes: forest, desert, ice, and fantasy world
  • More than 12 types of monsters with their own skills will put you to the real test
  • Beautiful landscapes and animations
  • One of the best strategy/defense games free on the market.

So why wait? Start building your fortress, commanding your troops, and defending your castle against the relentless hordes of monsters!


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