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Get 10+

Indulge in the captivating world of Get 10+, an exciting game that will not only entertain you but also ignite your love and logic challenges. Prepare to embark on an amusing numerical adventure. You’ll discover the joy of connecting numbers and witness their transformative power. Match adjacent numbers to merge them into higher values, and keep going to reach the ultimate goal of 10 and beyond!

With its easy-to-play mechanics and challenging gameplay, this game offers a delightful experience that is both accessible for beginners and satisfyingly demanding for seasoned players. Brace yourself for an addictive and rewarding journey that will put your logic skills to the test.

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If you’re a fan of this game and are looking for more games that offer similar experiences, look no further! We have two fantastic recommendations for you:

  • Get 10 (The First Version): Experience the original game that laid the foundation for this series. Dive into a world of strategic number merging as you aim to reach the number 10 by combining adjacent tiles. Challenge yourself, test your numerical skills, and enjoy the addictive gameplay.
  • Get 10 Ultimate: Take your number puzzle-solving abilities to the ultimate level. This enhanced version offers even more challenging levels and exciting gameplay. Push your strategic thinking to its limits as you strive to reach double-digit numbers and beyond. Get ready for an addictive and thrilling numerical adventure.


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