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Welcome to the exciting and addictive puzzle game of HexaMerge, where you can challenge your strategic thinking and immerse yourself in a world of colorful hexagon tiles. Combine numbered hexagon tiles, plan your moves wisely, and create explosive combos to reach the highest score possible.

How to play HexaMerge

  • Drag numbered hexagon tiles onto the grid and merge three or more tiles of the same number to create a higher value tile.
  • Tap on paired tiles to rotate them and find the perfect placement.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming tiles and plan your moves wisely.
  • Use exciting power-ups like the Trash Bin and Hammer to help you overcome challenging levels.
  • Clear the board by creating explosive combos and aim for the top score!

Main features

  • Engaging and strategic gameplay: The game is designed to challenge your strategic thinking and planning skills. You’ll need to be creative and plan your moves wisely to create explosive combos and clear the board.
  • Power-ups: HexaMerge offers a range of exciting power-ups to help you overcome challenging levels. These include the Trash Bin, which allows you to remove unwanted tiles from the board, and the Hammer, which can help you merge tiles that are difficult to match.
  • Adaptive difficulty: As you progress through the levels, the game becomes more challenging. This adaptive difficulty keeps you engaged and entertained, and ensures that the game never feels too easy or too difficult.
  • Visually appealing graphics: HexaMerge features colorful and vivid graphics that bring the world of the game to life. The tiles are beautifully designed and the backgrounds are eye-catching and immersive.
  • Mobile-friendly: HexaMerge is designed for seamless gameplay on both mobile and desktop devices. Whether you’re playing on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you’ll enjoy a smooth and responsive gaming experience.
  • Local save states: The game offers convenient local save states, allowing you to continue your progress from where you left off. This means you can pick up the game whenever you have a spare moment, without having to worry about losing your progress.
  • Variety of game modes: HexaMerge offers several different game modes, each with its own unique challenges and rewards. These include classic mode, time trial mode, and challenge mode, providing hours of varied and engaging gameplay.


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