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Kingdoms Wars

Join the action-packed adventure of Kingdoms Wars as you roll the dice and embark on a thrilling board game journey. Your goal is to traverse the world, acquiring streets, and constructing hotels while facing challenges like imprisonment, bonus card draws, royal taxes, and competitive house stays. Collect rent, enhance your hotel empire, and relish the joy of globe-trotting!

How to play Kingdoms Wars game

Roll the dice and move the indicated number of spaces. If you have enough gold, you can purchase unowned properties.

When an opponent lands on your property, they must pay you rent, and the same rule applies to you when you land on an opponent’s property.

By landing on an opponent’s property, you have the option to buy it from them, aiming to acquire all the adjacent properties. Owning all three neighboring properties allows you to construct houses, with larger houses generating higher rent.

If an opponent cannot afford to pay their rent, they may attempt to sell their properties or houses. If they lack both properties and houses and still have unpaid debts, they will be sent to jail.

Similarly, if you find yourself in debt, you can try selling your properties or houses, and if you’re unable to cover your debts, the game ends.

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