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Love Pins: Save The Princess

Love Pins: Save The Princess is an exciting and engaging puzzle game that lets you become a hero in a fairy tale. With its intuitive gameplay and challenging puzzles, this game promises hours of fun and entertainment for puzzle lovers of all ages.


The objective of the game is to rescue the princess by solving various puzzles and overcoming obstacles in your path. Each level presents a unique set of challenges that require you to use your brainpower and strategy skills to save the day.

In Love Pins: Save The Princess, you’ll be faced with different monsters and obstacles that block your path to the princess. You need to figure out the right sequence of actions to destroy the monsters and clear the path for the princess. Along the way, you’ll need to use your imagination and creativity to solve puzzles in unique and unconventional ways. The game provides you with a wide range of tools and pins that you can use to overcome obstacles and reach the princess.


Some of the key features of the game:

  • Love Pins is a rescue puzzle game where the player’s goal is to save the princess from monsters.
  • To save the princess, players need to solve various puzzles by cutting ropes, avoiding obstacles, and defeating enemies.
  • The game has multiple levels with increasing difficulty, providing a challenging experience for players.
  • Players can use their imagination and try to solve puzzles in different ways, making the gameplay more engaging and fun.
  • The game offers a unique and entertaining storyline with impressive graphics and sound effects.

How to play “Love Pins: Save The Princess”

  • Analyze the puzzle: Before making a move, analyze the puzzle and the placement of the monsters. Plan your moves accordingly.
  • Use your imagination: There may be multiple ways to solve a puzzle. Try different approaches to find the most efficient one.
  • Eliminate monsters: You need to destroy all the monsters to rescue the princess.
  • Use the pins strategically: The pins can be used to control the monsters’ movements. Use them strategically to guide the monsters where you want them to go.
  • Be patient: Some levels may be challenging, and it may take some time to figure out the solution. Be patient and keep trying different approaches until you succeed.
  • Take breaks: If you’re stuck on a level, take a break and come back to it later. Sometimes, taking a break can help you clear your mind and see the puzzle from a different perspective.
  • Use power-ups: Power-ups can be earned by completing levels. Use them strategically to make the game easier.

With 100+ levels of increasing difficulty, there’s never a dull moment in Love Pins: Save The Princess. Each level is designed to challenge your brain and keep you engaged for hours on end.

Love Pins: Save The Princess is an addictive game that offers a fresh take on the traditional puzzle genre. The game’s colorful graphics, catchy music, and engaging storyline make it a favorite among puzzle lovers. So why wait? Join the adventure and become the hero who saves the princess today!

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