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Number Line Match

Welcome to Number Line Match, where you’ll connect identical numbers and pairs that sum up to 10. Strategically eliminate them in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions.

Be cautious, as running out of moves results in the addition of a Line, which can be cleared by erasing all the numbers within it. However, a word of caution, if a Line forms at the top row, the game concludes.

How to play Number Line Match

  • You can make them disappear by connecting numbers that are the same or total 10.
  • You can connect numbers even if they are far from each other.
  • You can connect more than three.
  • You can erase a line by erasing all the numbers in the line.
  • Each time a number is erased, the number of turns decreases.
  • When there are no more turns, a line of numbers is added.
  • A line is added even if there are no more numbers to erase.
  • If a line is added when there is a line to the top row, the game is over.
  • Erase lines so that the game does not end!

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