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Mathematical Crossword

Mathematical Crossword presents randomly generated math crosswords, allowing you to customize the difficulty level and toggle arithmetic symbols on or off as desired.

In Arcade mode, strategically solve crossword puzzles step by step to accumulate ranking points; after each completion, the difficulty gradually increases.

You have the flexibility to exit Arcade mode at any time through the game menu and save your progress.

How to Play Mathematical Crossword

Fill in Empty Squares: Use numbers or arithmetic signs from below to fill in all empty squares, with calculations made from left to right and top to bottom.

Automatic Check: Once all blank squares are filled, an automatic check of your answers begins.

Interactive Moves:

  • Drag and drop numbers or arithmetic signs from below onto empty squares above.
  • Swap numbers or arithmetic characters as needed.

Efficient Filling:

  • Highlight a filled square and tap the number or arithmetic sign below to fill the empty square.
  • Swap numbers or arithmetic signs as desired.

Organization and Assistance:

  • Remove numbers or arithmetic characters from highlighted squares using the “Basket.”
  • Organize numbers and arithmetic signs to declutter.
  • Utilize the prompt to place a random number at the bottom in its place.


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