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Sudoku Master

Sudoku Master is a classic numbers puzzle game that challenges your mind and develops your logical thinking and attentiveness. The objective of this game is to fill the 9×9 grid with numbers ranging from 1 to 9, ensuring that no repetition occurs in any row, column, or square. With several levels ranging from beginner to expert, Sudoku Master allows you to upgrade your Sudoku solving skills and become a true  master!

How to play Sudoku Master game

To play, follow these steps:

  • Choose your preferred difficulty level from the available options.
  • A 9×9 grid will appear on your screen with some numbers already filled in.
  • Your goal is to fill in the empty cells with numbers ranging from 1 to 9, making sure that no repetition occurs in any row, column, or square.
  • Use the available hints to help you solve the puzzle.
  • Complete the puzzle as quickly as possible to earn the highest score and improve your rank.
  • Participate in daily events and check your statistics to track your progress and improve your Sudoku skills.

At top of the game, you can see your stats and trophies, and under Settings, you can see illustrated how to play this game.

Playing regularly will improve your concentration and memory skills. With its challenging and engaging gameplay, this game is perfect for anyone looking for a fun and challenging way to spend their free time. So, are you ready to become a Sudoku Master?

Main features of Sudoku Master

  • Multiple difficulty levels: The game offers 5 difficulty levels, ranging from beginner to expert, which cater to all types of players.
  • Hint system: If players get stuck, they can use the hint system to get a clue on what numbers to fill in next.
  • Daily events: Sudoku Master has daily events that keep the game fresh and exciting.
  • Statistics: The game keeps track of player statistics, such as the number of games played, time played, and accuracy.
  • Ranks: It has a ranking system that allows players to compete with others and rise through the ranks based on their performance.


Use your mouse to play on desktop or touch screen to play on any mobile device.


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