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Up Hill Racing 2

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Up Hill Racing 2, the ultimate physics-based driving game that will test your skills on a multitude of challenging terrains. In this thrilling adventure, you’ll navigate through various landscapes. You will experience racing from rugged hills to scorching deserts and icy Arctic tundras, using an array of different vehicles.


Earn valuable in-game coins as you conquer each track. Put them to good use by upgrading your existing vehicle for enhanced performance or unlocking exciting new rides. Upgrade vital components such as fuel capacity, tire grip, stability, and engine power to ensure your vehicle is fully equipped to tackle the demanding terrains ahead.


Choose from a lineup of amazing cars, including the agile Roadster, versatile Wagon, powerful Pickup Monster, robust Truck, and unstoppable Half-Track. Each of them offering a unique driving experience.


With a wide selection of challenging tracks, including the scenic Plain, treacherous Hillock, unforgiving Desert, frosty Arctic, and hilly landscape, you’ll always have a new adventure to conquer.

Keep an eye out for bonus coins scattered throughout each map, giving you an extra boost to upgrade your vehicle or unlock new tracks. So buckle up, put your driving skills to the test, and strive to reach the target distance in Up Hill Racing 2.

Key features of Up Hill Racing 2 game

  • Thrilling physics-based driving game
  • Navigate through challenging terrains
  • Wide selection of vehicles to choose from
  • Upgrade fuel, tires, stability, and engine for improved performance
  • Earn in-game coins to unlock new vehicles and tracks
  • Exciting tracks including Plain, Hillock, Desert, Arctic, and Hills
  • Collect bonus coins throughout each map
  • Aim to reach the target distance for each level

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