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Draw 2 Save – Stickman Rescue

Experience the thrilling adventure of Draw 2 Save – Stickman Rescue, a unique puzzle game where your drawing skills will determine the fate of the stickman. In this game, you have the power to save the stickman’s life by drawing a single line that can shield him from various dangers. From swords and bullets to bombs and other life-threatening attacks, it’s up to your creativity and quick thinking to create shelters and defenses for the stickman’s protection. With a plethora of levels and endless fun, you’ll never run out of exciting challenges to conquer. Engage your brain, improve your logic, and let your artistic abilities shine in this addictive and relaxing game.

How to play Draw 2 Save – Stickman Rescue

  • Launch the game and select a level to begin.
  • Observe the stickman’s position and the impending dangers that threaten his life.
  • Use your finger or mouse to draw a line on the screen. This line will serve as a shield or barrier to protect the stickman.
  • Be strategic and creative in your line drawing. Position the line in a way that blocks or deflects the incoming threats such as swords, bullets, or bombs.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your line, release your finger or mouse to set it in place.
  • Watch as the stickman moves and interacts with the obstacles and dangers. Your line should effectively protect him from harm.
  • If the stickman successfully navigates the level without being harmed, you will progress to the next challenging level.
  • Keep in mind that each level presents new and unique dangers, requiring you to adapt your line-drawing strategies accordingly.
  • Aim to complete all the levels, showcasing your problem-solving skills and creativity in saving the stickman’s life.
  • Enjoy the addictive and relaxing gameplay of Draw 2 Save – Stickman Rescue and challenge yourself to improve your performance with each playthrough.

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