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Guardians of Gold

Guardians of Gold is an exhilarating arcade game set in a captivating minor-themed world. In this thrilling adventure, players find themselves amidst a daring heist, where crafty minors attempt to steal precious gold right under the watchful eye of a vigilant guard. As the guardian of the gold, it is your duty to protect it from the clutches of these audacious thieves.


The objective is simple: pass the gold among your fellow minors and swiftly bury it in the designated trench within a tight timeframe of 25 seconds. To pass the gold, just tap on a fellow minor and carefully avoid catching the guard’s attention. A single slip-up can expose your plan and result in a game-ending capture. Stay on high alert and master the art of stealth as you outsmart the guard’s relentless pursuit. Can you safeguard the gold and emerge as the ultimate guardian? Play Guardians of Gold now and put your skills to the test in this thrilling arcade adventure!

How to play Guardians of Gold

Playing Guardians of Gold is an exciting and challenging experience. Your mission is to protect the precious gold from the crafty minors and avoid being caught by the guard. Here’s how to play:

  • Tap on the screen to start the game and enter the immersive world of Guardians of Gold.
  • As the guardian, your goal is to pass the gold to your fellow minors and bury it in the trench within 25 seconds.
  • To pass the gold, simply tap on one of the minors. They will receive the gold and continue the chain.
  • Be cautious and avoid catching the guard’s attention. If he spots you, the game will end.
  • The guard moves around, so observe his movements and plan your actions accordingly.
  • Use strategic timing and quick thinking to pass the gold swiftly and avoid detection.
  • Successfully pass the gold to all the minors and bury it in the trench before the time runs out.
  • Each level presents new challenges and obstacles, so stay focused and adapt your strategies.
  • Earn points and unlock new levels as you progress in the game.
  • Challenge yourself to achieve the highest score and become the ultimate guardian of gold.

Remember, timing, observation, and agility are key to mastering Guardians of Gold. Test your skills, protect the gold, and outsmart the guard in this thrilling arcade adventure!

Key features of Guardians of Gold

  • Exciting Arcade Gameplay: Engage in a thrilling arcade experience as you protect the gold from crafty minors.
  • Challenging Missions: Complete various missions to pass the gold to fellow minors and bury it in the trench.
  • Avoid the Guard: Stay alert and avoid being caught by the guard while passing the gold.
  • Time Pressure: Race against the clock as you have only 25 seconds to complete each mission.
  • Strategic Thinking: Plan your moves carefully and use strategic timing to pass the gold efficiently.
  • Dynamic Guard Movements: Navigate the guard’s movements and find opportunities to avoid detection.
  • Increasing Difficulty: Progress through levels with increasing challenges and obstacles.
  • High Scores: Aim for the highest score and compete with friends or other players.
  • Immersive Graphics: Enjoy a visually appealing and immersive game environment.
  • Quick and Responsive Controls: Tap on the screen to pass the gold and control your character with ease.

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