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Escape from Dinosaurs

Escape from Dinosaurs is an exciting and action-packed game where your objective is to collect enough boards to construct a ladder and make your daring escape on a pterodactyl. With unlimited levels, you’ll face thrilling challenges as you navigate the treacherous dinosaur-infested environment. To outsmart the dinosaurs, you have chickens at your disposal to distract them and bombs to slow them down. Stay on your toes and strategize your moves wisely to avoid getting caught by the relentless predators. Take cover behind trees for protection and utilize the chickens to divert the attention of the pursuing dinosaurs. Should a dinosaur get too close for comfort, drop a chicken to keep it occupied. Additionally, you can seize the opportunity by grabbing a bomb, which, when activated, temporarily neutralizes any nearby dinosaurs, granting you a precious few seconds to make your escape. As you progress, keep collecting boards until you have enough to reach the pterodactyl, and then make a mad dash towards it to take to the skies. Can you outwit the dinosaurs and secure your freedom? Play Escape from Dinosaurs now and find out!

How to play Escape from Dinosaurs

Playing Escape from Dinosaurs is an exhilarating experience as you navigate through a dinosaur-infested environment. The objective is to collect enough boards to construct a ladder and escape on a pterodactyl. To control your character, use the on-screen controls or gestures to move in different directions. Be cautious and stay alert to avoid getting caught by the roaming dinosaurs.

As you explore the game world, keep an eye out for chickens and bombs. Chickens can be picked up and used to distract the dinosaurs. If a dinosaur approaches, your character will automatically drop a chicken to divert its attention. Use this clever tactic to create a safe path and buy yourself some time.

Bombs are another valuable resource. When you come across a bomb, simply touch it to activate it. The bomb will explode after a few seconds, temporarily neutralizing any nearby dinosaurs. This gives you a window of opportunity to move past them safely. Timing is key, so use the bombs strategically to your advantage.

Throughout your journey, remember to collect as many boards as possible. These boards are crucial for building the ladder that will lead you to the pterodactyl and your ultimate escape. Keep an eye on your progress and make sure you have enough boards before making a dash towards the pterodactyl.

As you advance in the game, the challenges will become more intense, requiring quick thinking and precise movements to outsmart the dinosaurs. Can you gather all the necessary boards, dodge the dinosaurs, and make a successful escape? Play Escape from Dinosaurs now and put your survival skills to the test!

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