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Fashion Stylist: Dress up & Design

Step into the world of fashion and style with Fashion Stylist: Dress up & Design, a captivating puzzle game that allows you to unleash your creativity and transform your clients’ lives! With your magic touch, you can match tiles and give stunning makeovers to people in need.

In this exciting game, you’ll have the power to choose from a wide selection of highly fashionable clothes, trendy hairstyles, and eye-catching makeup. Whether your clients are seeking a new career look, a touch of elegance, or a daring change, you have the skills to make it happen.

As you embark on this fashion journey, you’ll encounter various clients with unique stories and aspirations. It’s up to you to help them turn their lives around through the power of fashion. Solve challenging tile-matching puzzles that are reminiscent of the addictive and strategic gameplay of mahjong.

Immerse yourself in the joy of styling and makeovers as you select the perfect outfits, apply makeup, and create trendy hairstyles. With each successful transformation, you’ll not only fulfill your clients’ desires but also relax and eliminate tiles from the board, bringing a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Experience the magic of Fashion Stylist: Dress up & Design as you become the go-to stylist for people in need of a fashion revolution. Are you ready to take on the challenge and showcase your talent? Let your creativity soar and unlock endless possibilities in this fashion-forward puzzle game!

How to play Fashion Stylist: Dress up & Design

Playing Fashion Stylist: Dress up & Design is a delightful and engaging experience that allows you to unleash your inner fashionista. Here’s how to play the game:

  • Choose a client: Select a client from the available options who is seeking a fashion makeover.
  • Match tiles: Play the tile-matching puzzles to earn points and progress in the game. Match three or more identical tiles to remove them from the board. Keep matching tiles to achieve high scores and complete levels.
  • Dress up your client: Once you’ve earned enough points, it’s time to dress up your client! Choose from a wide range of fashionable clothes, stylish accessories, trendy hairstyles, and eye-catching makeup options. Mix and match different items to create a unique and stunning look.
  • Give makeovers: Apply the selected outfits, hairstyles, and makeup to your client. Experiment with different combinations to create the perfect makeover that suits their preferences and goals.
  • Complete goals: Each client will have specific goals or desires for their new look. Ensure that you fulfill their requests and help them achieve their dreams through your fashion expertise. It could be a new career look, an elegant style, or a bold transformation.
  • Unlock new levels and clients: As you progress through the game and successfully complete makeovers, you’ll unlock new levels and encounter more clients. Challenge yourself with increasing difficulty and expand your fashion empire.
  • Enjoy the process: Take your time to immerse yourself in the world of fashion and enjoy the creative process of styling and designing. Let your imagination run wild and showcase your fashion sense.

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