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Num Bubbles Merging

Num Bubbles Merging is an addictive puzzle game where your goal is to merge numerical bubbles in order to reach the target number. Simply tap on a bubble and direct your arrow towards the target bubble, releasing it to initiate the merge. The challenge lies in strategically combining the bubbles to create the desired numerical outcome. Each level requires you to successfully create 10 target bubbles to advance. Test your logic and problem-solving skills as you navigate through increasingly complex levels. Plan your moves carefully and consider the available options to achieve the desired results. With its intuitive gameplay and progressively challenging levels, Num Bubbles Merging will keep you entertained and engaged for hours. Can you master the art of merging bubbles and conquer all the levels?

How to play Num Bubbles Merging game

To play Num Bubbles Merging, follow these simple steps:

  • Start a level: Begin by selecting a level from the game’s menu or progressing through the levels sequentially.
  • Understand the objective: Each level in Num Bubbles Merging has a target number that you need to reach. Your task is to merge the numerical bubbles to achieve this target number.
  • Tap on a bubble: To initiate a merge, tap on a numerical bubble on the screen. This will activate the merging process.
  • Set the arrow direction: After tapping on a bubble, an arrow will appear, indicating the merging direction. Use your finger to adjust the arrow and point it towards the target bubble.
  • Release the arrow: Once you have set the arrow in the desired direction, release it to merge the selected bubble with the target bubble. The numbers will combine, creating a new numerical value.
  • Reach the target number: Repeat the process of tapping on bubbles, setting the arrow, and releasing it to merge them until you reach the target number specified for the level.
  • Complete the level: Once you have successfully created the required number of target bubbles, you will complete the level and can proceed to the next one.
  • Progress through the game: Keep playing and advancing through the levels, encountering new challenges and target numbers as you go.

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