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Lost Heroes

Lost Heroes is a captivating fantasy puzzle platformer game that combines thrilling action elements. In this immersive adventure, players take command of a group of 3+ heroes. Each hero possessing unique abilities and skills to interact with the mesmerizing world around them.

Their mission is to navigate through treacherous dungeons and overcome formidable obstacles in order to reach the nefarious necromancer responsible for transforming their peaceful village into a menacing undead army. Are you ready to lead the Lost Heroes on their epic quest to save their home and vanquish the forces of darkness? Embark on this thrilling journey now!

How to play Lost Heroes game

To play Lost Heroes, you will take control of a group of heroes with unique abilities and skills. Your objective is to navigate through challenging dungeons and overcome obstacles to reach the powerful necromancer who has transformed your village into an undead army.

  • Control Heroes: Use the provided controls to command and switch between different heroes in your group. Each hero possesses their own special abilities and attributes.
  • Explore the World: Venture into the immersive world of Lost Heroes, filled with captivating environments, hidden secrets, and dangerous enemies. Be prepared for surprises at every turn.
  • Solve Puzzles: Encounter various puzzles and obstacles that require you to utilize your heroes’ unique skills. Use their abilities in combination to overcome challenges and unlock new areas.
  • Engage in Combat: Face off against hordes of undead minions and powerful bosses. Utilize each hero’s combat skills to defeat enemies and progress through the game.
  • Upgrade and Progress: As you journey through the game, collect resources, earn experience points, and discover new items and equipment to enhance your heroes’ abilities and unlock their true potential.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Plan your moves carefully, considering the strengths and weaknesses of each hero. Make use of their abilities at the right moments to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies effectively.
  • Unravel the Story: Immerse yourself in the captivating storyline of Lost Heroes and uncover the mysteries behind the necromancer’s dark plans. Discover the secrets of your heroes and their connection to the village.
  • Enjoy the Adventure: Immerse yourself in the immersive world of Lost Heroes, filled with stunning visuals, atmospheric soundtracks, and a compelling narrative. Let the adventure unfold as you strive to save your village and restore peace.

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