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Mahjong Kitchen

Mahjong Kitchen is a unique HTML5 game that combines the classic Mahjong gameplay with cooking and recipe discovery. As a player, you will be transported into a cozy cafe atmosphere where you have to discover and master different recipes by solving Mahjong puzzles. With every recipe you uncover, you expand your menu and attract new visitors to your cafe.

The game has a relaxing and pleasant vibe, perfect for Mahjong and cooking enthusiasts. The hints provided during gameplay will help you discover new subtleties and become a better player. Your dexterity and ability to concentrate will be put to the test as you unlock more challenging recipes.

How to play Mahjong Kitchen

To play Mahjong Kitchen, follow these instructions:

  • The game board will show various tiles with different symbols and characters.
  • Your goal is to match identical tiles and remove them from the board.
  • You can only remove tiles that are free on at least one side.
  • Select two matching tiles to remove them from the board.
  • Continue removing tiles until there are no more matching tiles left.
  • The game ends when all tiles have been removed from the board or when time runs out.
  • As you progress through the levels, you will discover new recipes and expand your menu.
  • The more recipes you learn, the more varied your menu, which will attract different visitors to the cafe.

Remember to use hints, which will help you find matching tiles and subtleties of the game. Enjoy your journey as a restaurateur in the kitchen mahjong!

The objective is to clear the board of all tiles by matching identical ones. The gameplay is accompanied by pleasant background music that enhances the overall experience.


To play Mahjong Kitchen, use your pointing device (mouse, touchpad, etc.) to click on matching tiles and remove them from the board.

So, get ready to become a master chef in the world of Mahjong Kitchen. With its unique gameplay and cozy atmosphere, this game is sure to provide hours of relaxing and enjoyable fun.


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