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Mother’s Day Float Connect

Celebrate Mother’s Day in a fun and engaging way with Mother’s Day Float Connect! This delightful puzzle game challenges you to connect two identical Mother’s Day items using a path that includes no more than two 90-degree angles.

Your goal is to clear the board by removing all pairs of matching items and showcasing your puzzle-solving skills. But be careful, as some levels feature floating item tiles that can move in various directions, such as to the bottom, upper, left, right, center, or even split!

With 27 exciting and challenging levels to conquer, you’ll need to strategize and think ahead to complete each level within the time limit and earn extra bonus points. Celebrate the special bond of motherhood while enjoying this addictive and entertaining puzzle game!

How to play Mother’s Day Float Connect game

Playing Mother’s Day Float Connect is simple and enjoyable. Here’s how to play:

  • Look for pairs: Your objective is to remove all pairs of identical Mother’s Day items from the board. Scan the board and identify matching items that can be connected.
  • Connect the items: To connect the items, draw a path between them. The path should consist of straight lines with no more than two 90-degree angles. Keep in mind that the path cannot intersect with other items or obstacles on the board.
  • Clear the board: Once you’ve successfully connected a pair of items, they will be removed from the board. Your goal is to clear the entire board by removing all the pairs of identical items.
  • Beware of floating tiles: In some levels, the item tiles can float in different directions – to the bottom, upper, left, right, center, or even split. Take note of their movement patterns and plan your connections accordingly.
  • Time limit and bonus points: Each level has a time limit. Try to complete the level before time runs out to earn extra bonus points. Strategize your moves and aim for efficiency to maximize your score.
  • Progress through levels: Mother’s Day Float Connect features 27 challenging levels. As you advance, the difficulty will increase, requiring more strategic thinking and careful planning to clear the board.

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