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Mahjong Royal

Discover the enchanting world of Mahjong Royal, the ultimate oriental solitaire puzzle that will captivate you. As you embark on your journey through this classic Mahjong game, you’ll find yourself honing your matching skills.

The objective of Mahjong Royal is to match pairs of identical tiles. Remove them from the board, clearing it entirely or uncovering all the special tiles. Remember, you can only match tiles that are free on at least one side. Be swift in your matching prowess to earn prestigious awards and medals, unlocking even more levels to challenge your abilities.

Delve into the intricacies of the game, where season tiles and flower tiles possess unique matching qualities, adding an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay. Stay vigilant, as some tiles are reversed and will turn around as you select them. To free trapped tiles, you’ll have to find and match the elusive scissors tiles.

With its serene yet engaging gameplay, Mahjong Royal promises an unforgettable gaming experience. Embark on this mesmerizing journey, and let the mesmerizing charm of Mahjong Royal whisk you away into the captivating world of tile-matching and solitaire fun.

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