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Noob Fuse

Noob Fuse is an exciting and explosive game that follows the crazy adventures of Noob. He sets out on a mission to obtain precious crystals by using bombs and a lighter to blow up houses. Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience as you navigate through various structures, ranging from small cottages to towering mansions, strategically placing bombs to create massive explosions. Each house hides a secret chest that holds valuable rewards, and your goal is to reach it and unlock it. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure filled with explosive fun!

Objectives of the game

  1. Destroy the building — Use your destructive powers to demolish buildings and watch them crumble to the ground.
  2. Destroy the chest — Uncover hidden treasures by destroying chests scattered throughout the game world.
  3. Collect diamonds — Seek out and collect valuable diamonds to increase your wealth and unlock new features in the game.

How to play Noob Fuse game

To play Noob Fuse, you’ll need to navigate Noob through the explosive adventures.

On desktop, use the “WASD” or arrow keys to move Noob around, and press the spacebar to make him jump. To change items, simply scroll the mouse wheel. When it comes to placing blocks of dynamite or setting them on fire with a lighter, you can use the right mouse button.

On mobile devices, the controls are slightly different. Use the left side of the screen to move Noob and the right side to rotate. Make sure to use the appropriate buttons on the screen for placing blocks of dynamite and setting them on fire with a lighter. Master these controls and guide Noob to victory in his explosive quest!

In-game disclaimer: As required, please note that this is not an official Minecraft product, not approved by Mojang, and not affiliated with Mojang.

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