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Pixelo, the beloved and highly popular puzzle game, is back with new styles and exciting challenges! Dive into the world of Pixelo, also known as Picross or pic-a-pix, and unleash your logic skills. The main objective of Pixelo is to fill out the pixels based on the given clues, creating beautiful and satisfying images. With over 500 puzzles to solve, you’ll never run out of brain-teasing entertainment.

Challenge yourself with daily puzzles and earn over 100 badges and prizes, increasing your XP score and unlocking bonus gold. Customize your solving style with various options and create your perfect puzzle environment. Don’t worry about losing progress, as the game features auto-save functionality. Keep track of your achievements and progress with detailed statistics and aim for the top of the XP rank. Every day brings new opportunities to set records and push your puzzle-solving abilities to the limit. Immerse yourself in the addictive world of Pixelo and start unraveling the mesmerizing grid-based challenges today!

How to play Pixelo game

Playing Pixelo is both challenging and satisfying. Follow these steps to enjoy the game:

  • Start a New Puzzle: Choose a puzzle from the available options, which typically include different difficulty levels and grid sizes.
  • Understand the Clues: Study the clues provided on the side of the puzzle grid. These clues indicate the number of pixels that need to be filled in each row and column.
  • Fill the Pixels: Use logic and deduction to fill the pixels on the grid. Each row and column should match the corresponding clue, indicating the number of filled pixels and the arrangement.
  • Mark Empty Spaces: If you’re certain that a cell should be empty, you can mark it with an X or another symbol to keep track.
  • Solve the Puzzle: Continue filling in the pixels and marking empty spaces until the entire grid is complete. Remember, the clues provide crucial information for determining the pixel arrangement.
  • Check for Errors: Once you believe you have completed the puzzle, double-check your solution for any errors. Incorrectly placed pixels can lead to an unsolvable puzzle.
  • Enjoy the Artwork: As you successfully solve puzzles, intricate pixel art designs will emerge, showcasing your accomplishment.
  • Repeat and Challenge Yourself: Pixelo offers a wide variety of puzzles to keep you engaged. Explore different difficulty levels, grid sizes, and themes to challenge your skills and improve your solving abilities.

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