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Puzzle & Island

In Puzzle & Island, embark on a captivating adventure where you can collect precious diamonds and watch your island flourish! Strategically place blocks on the squares to create vertical or horizontal rows and expand your territory. However, be mindful of your moves as the game will conclude when there are no more available spaces for blocks.

Challenge your puzzle-solving skills and immerse yourself in the rewarding journey of collecting diamonds and building stunning islands. Discover the joy of creating a thriving paradise in Puzzle & Island!

How to play Puzzle & Island game

Playing Puzzle & Island is simple and engaging. Here’s how to play:

  • Collect Diamonds: Your main objective is to gather as many diamonds as possible. Utilize these diamonds to actively grow and expand your island.
  • Place Blocks: You’ll see squares on the game board. Your task is to place blocks on these squares strategically. Position the blocks either vertically or horizontally to achieve the desired layout.
  • Create Rows: Aim to form complete rows by placing blocks. These rows can be either vertical or horizontal. Complete a row, causing it to vanish, and earn points and additional diamonds.
  • Limited Space: Be mindful that the game board has limited space. As you continue to place blocks, the available area will decrease. Plan your moves carefully to maximize your options and prevent the board from filling up completely.
  • Rotate Shapes: You have the ability to rotate shapes to ensure they fit perfectly in the desired location.
  • Game Over: The game will end when there are no more empty squares to place blocks. Calculate your final score by considering the number of diamonds collected and rows formed.
  • Grow Your Island: Use the diamonds you’ve collected to expand and enhance your island. Unlock new features, decorations, and structures to create a beautiful and thriving island paradise.

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