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Block Puzzle Adventure

Embark on an exciting Block Puzzle Adventure and challenge yourself with this wood-style block game that will test your puzzle-solving skills. With its easy-to-play mechanics and addictive gameplay, this game offers hours of brain training and entertainment.

Fill lines and columns with shapes on the 10×10 board to remove them and earn points. Can you become a master of this challenging puzzle game? Aim for a milestone score and see how far you can go!

How to play Block Puzzle Adventure game

To play Block Puzzle Adventure, follow these simple steps:

  • Start by placing the given shapes onto the 10×10 game board.
  • Your goal is to fill complete lines or columns with shapes to remove them from the board.
  • Drag and drop the shapes onto the board, positioning them to create a solid line or column.
  • Once a line or column is filled with shapes, it will be cleared from the board, making space for new shapes.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot rotate the shapes, so you must strategically place them to create solid lines or columns.
  • If you find yourself unable to place a shape on the board, you can place it in the reserved field in the bottom-right corner until you find a suitable spot for it.
  • As you progress, the game will become more challenging with new shapes and limited space.
  • Aim to reach the milestone score and clear as many lines or columns as possible to earn higher scores.
  • The game continues until you are unable to place any more shapes on the board.
  • Challenge yourself and see how high you can score in this addictive and engaging puzzle adventure!

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