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Sort Photograph

Sort Photograph is an engaging puzzle game that challenges you to complete pictures by replacing the pieces. With intuitive drag-and-drop mechanics, you can easily swap the pieces to bring the image to life. Clearing each puzzle rewards you with coins that you can use to purchase a variety of skins, including unique backgrounds and picture frames.

Customize your gameplay experience and showcase your artistic flair with the wide range of skins available. Enjoy hours of immersive puzzle-solving fun as you refine your visual perception skills and create stunning pictures in Sort Photograph.

How to play Sort Photograph game

To play Sort Photograph, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the game and select a puzzle to solve.
  • Examine the scattered pieces on the screen. Each piece represents a part of the picture that you need to complete.
  • Drag a piece from its current position and drop it in the desired location to replace it.
  • Keep dragging and dropping the pieces until you have fully assembled the picture.
  • Use your observational skills to identify patterns, colors, and shapes that help guide you in placing the pieces correctly.
  • Once you have successfully placed all the pieces, the picture will be complete, and you can proceed to the next puzzle.
  • As you progress, you can earn coins by clearing puzzles. Utilize these coins to unlock and purchase a range of skins, such as unique backgrounds and picture frames.
  • Explore the various skins available and personalize your gameplay experience.
  • Enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of solving puzzles and creating beautiful pictures in Sort Photograph.

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