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The Chess: A Clash of Kings

Immerse yourself in the strategic world of intellectual warfare with “The Chess: A Clash of Kings”. This innovative game offers both a traditional classic mode and a distinctive special mode that shatters the boundaries of the chessboard’s predictability.

Dive into the captivating classic mode, where age-old tactics and precision maneuvering reign supreme. Alternatively, venture into the uncharted territory of the special mode, where the chessboard’s established order is unpredictably disrupted.

In “The Chess: A Clash of Kings” the power to tailor your experience lies in your hands. Customize your game, altering the board and pieces to reflect your personal style and preferences.

Chess Pieces

Except the first move that it can move one or two squares, this piece can move only one square FORWARD at a time. It captures an opponent’s piece diagonally.
Knight is the only chess piece that can jump over other piece. A piece that can move in a fixed ‘L’ shape, two squares in a straight line and one square to the side.
A piece that can move forward or backward as many squares as a player wants horizontally or vertically.
The Most Powerful Attacking Piece. It can move any number of squares in any direction.
A piece that can move forward or backward as many squares as a player wants diagonally.
The Most Important Piece in the Game It can move forward or backward one square at a time in any direction.

Pawn is a special piece. It seems nothing, but when it reaches the opposite edge of the board, it is promoted to one of four pieces. Pawn can be promoted to one of four pieces: Queen, Rook, Bishop, and Knight.

Classic mode

This is the most basic game rule. ‘White piece (a player)’ takes the first move. It is the ‘checkmate’ when the king cannot make a move anymore. When it is ‘checkmate’, it decides the winner.

Special mode of The Chess: A Clash of Kings game

This is a game that a square of a board is randomly destroyed. The basic rule is same as ‘classic’s, and the square in the center is randomly destroyed. You can’t use a destroyed square, considered as a blocked one. But, only ‘knight’ can jump over a destroyed square just as it can jump over a piece.


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