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Epic Blast

In the enchanting realm of the gods, in the game called Epic Blast, the mighty Zeus, ruler of the sky and storms, is tasked with the protection of Olympus. Immerse yourself in this captivating adventure as you embark on a quest to retrieve the cherished objects adored by the divine beings themselves. Uncover the precious wine glasses, coins, amphoras, and helmets that hold immense significance. Above all, unveil the majestic Greek temples that symbolize the grandeur of Olympus. Are you prepared to carve your name in the annals of history within this magical world of gods and legends?

Prepare to unleash your bravery and face the challenges that lie ahead in all 25 levels of this epic journey. As you strive to save Olympus, take solace in the fact that you will not be alone. Empowered by the mighty lightning bolt of Zeus, you possess the ability to instantly match symbols, swiftly grouping the elements together and causing them to vanish. The strength and speed bestowed upon you by the god himself will serve as your arsenal, while the strategic decisions rest solely in your hands. Are you ready to forge your own path and leave an indelible mark on this extraordinary tale? The gods await your heroic actions in Epic Blast!

How to play Epic Blast game

  • Launch the game and immerse yourself in the magical world of the gods.
  • Your objective is to match 3 or more symbols of the same type to achieve the level’s goal. Keep a keen eye on the board and strategize your moves.
  • Look for opportunities to create powerful thunder strikes that will aid your progress:
    • Match 4 symbols in a row to generate a thunder that can obliterate an entire row.
    • Match 4 symbols in a column to unleash a thunder that will decimate an entire column.
    • Harness the immense power of matching 5 symbols to summon a thunderstorm that will annihilate all symbols of a particular type.
  • Use these thunder strikes wisely and strategically to overcome challenging obstacles and reach your goals.
  • Exercise your sharp observation skills, quick thinking, and intuition to make the most efficient moves and maximize your score.

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