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Fishing and Lines

Dive into the World of Fishing and Lines, explore this unique fusion of balls, lines, and fishing, creating an exciting and engaging game experience.

Balls, Lines, and Fishing Combined

Immerse yourself in a world where you play with balls while enjoying the art of fishing. This puzzle game offers a logical challenge while introducing you to a wide variety of river and sea fish species.

Catch 140 Unique Fish Species

Discover the thrill of catching up to 140 different fish species. Your success depends on the color combinations of the balls, the length of your fishing line, and the number of lines you use. Different fish yield varying points (coins).

Your Personal Fish Cage

View your prized catches in your personal fish cage, showcasing the diversity of your fishing skills.

A Game of Strategy and Precision

Plan your moves carefully, and if your line doesn’t form, three new colored balls will appear. Anticipate which balls are about to enter the field as you aim to achieve your objectives.

Multiple Game Modes

Choose from different game modes, catering to all levels of players:

  • Amateur Fishing: Ideal for beginners and those seeking a relaxed experience. Score points and catch as many fish as you can.
  • Fishing Levels: Conquer 150 levels with various tasks. Strive to complete all objectives and earn the maximum number of stars.
  • Fishing Pro: A fascinating take on the classic Color Lines. Create lines of at least 5 balls of the same color.
  • Tournaments: Compete in 5 thrilling tournaments, aiming to win bronze, silver, or gold cups.

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