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Kitty Jewel Quest

Indulge in the ultimate cat-themed jewel-matching adventure with Kitty Jewel Quest, a delightful game that promises to be a true delight for all feline enthusiasts! Engage in a thrilling race against the clock as you skillfully swap adjacent cats, aiming to match three or more adorable kittens in a row or column. With its charming gameplay mechanics, this game provides endless hours of fun and relaxation for players of all ages.

In Kitty Jewel Quest, your goal is to strategically swap adjacent cats to create triplets of the same color and collect them. Be on the lookout for special moves, as matching four or five cats will spawn powerful bombs. It can clear even more adorable kittens from the board.

Each level presents unique target items that you must collect to progress. Complete challenging missions to earn rewarding prizes and advance your rank, unlocking even more exciting levels to explore. Don’t forget to spin the wheel of fortune for free rewards. Check out the enticing shop offers, where you can spend your hard-earned coins to enhance your gameplay experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of Kitty Jewel Quest, where delightful cats and captivating gameplay await. Unleash your puzzle-solving skills, collect adorable feline companions, and embark on a memorable journey filled with joy and excitement. Get ready to match, collect, and conquer the jewel-matching challenge that lies ahead in Kitty Jewel Quest!

Booster guide

Dynamite — Choose one kind of obstacle and strike all of them!
Hammer — Choose one colorful Cat to strike.
Water Spray — Choose one row to strike everything in it!
Saw — Saw can cut any obstacle in the way.
Wand — Wand can swap any two adjacent Cats or similar objects even without creating a match.
Spectrum Ball — The Spectrum Ball can turn any Cat into a colorful Ball.

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