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Best Classic Solitaire

Best Classic Solitaire, also known as Klondike, offers a timeless and engaging single-player card game experience. Your goal is to arrange a standard deck of cards in ascending order by suit, utilizing a combination of strategic moves and careful stacking to meticulously place all cards into four foundation piles. This classic game of patience and skill awaits your mastery.

How to play Best Classic Solitaire game

The objective of this game is to organize all the cards into four piles. Begin each foundation pile with an Ace and build them in ascending order, from Aces up to Kings. You can move a single card or a group of cards to one of the seven columns if the topmost card’s value is exactly one lower, and the color differs from the card it’s being placed on.

For example, place a Red Queen onto a Black King. Put a group of cards like Black 7, Red 8, Black 9 onto a Red 6. If you have a King or a group of cards starting with a King, you can move them onto an empty column. To draw cards from the deck, simply tap on it.

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