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1010 Treasure Rush

In 1010 Treasure Rush, a thrilling Tetris block puzzle game, embark on an exciting adventure to collect precious treasure blocks. Strategically pick and drop the sets of blocks onto the game board, aiming to complete rows. When a row is completed, all the treasure blocks within it will be collected, bringing you one step closer to your goal. Exercise your puzzle-solving skills and explore the captivating world of 1010 Treasure Rush as you gather the hidden treasures that await you.

How to play 1010 Treasure Rush game

  • Start by launching the game on your device.
  • The game board will appear, consisting of a grid with empty spaces.
  • You will see different sets of blocks.
  • Your objective is to strategically place these blocks on the game board to complete rows.
  • To place a block, tap and drag it to the desired location on the grid.
  • Try to fill complete rows horizontally or vertically with the blocks.
  • Once a row is completely filled, it will disappear, and any treasure blocks within it will be collected.
  • Be careful not to run out of space on the grid. If you are unable to place a block, the game will end.
  • The game continues as you aim to collect all the treasure blocks by clearing rows and creating space for new blocks.
  • Keep playing and strategizing to achieve higher scores and unlock new levels.

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