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Step into the world of brain-teasing puzzles with Pentomino, an exciting online game that challenges your spatial reasoning and geometry skills. In this interactive game, you’ll encounter unique pieces consisting of 5 squares, known as pentominoes, and your task is to drag and fit them together on a two-dimensional grid. Select a figure from the options on the right and strategically place the pieces to recreate the given shape.

Test your problem-solving abilities and immerse yourself in the captivating world of pentominoes and pixel-formed figures. Get ready to have fun while exercising your mind with this engaging puzzle game!

How to play Pentomino game

Playing the Pentomino game is both challenging and enjoyable. Here’s how to play:

  • Objective: The goal of the game is to use the provided pentomino pieces to recreate a given shape on the game board.
  • Pentomino Pieces: Pentominoes are unique shapes formed by 5 squares joined together. There are 12 different pentomino pieces, each with its own arrangement of squares.
  • Drag and Drop: To play, simply click on a pentomino piece and drag it onto the game board. Move the piece around the grid to find the best position.
  • Fit the Shape: Your task is to position the pentominoes on the grid in such a way that they form the given shape without overlapping or leaving any gaps.
  • Complete the Level: Once you successfully recreate the shape using all the pentomino pieces, you have completed the level.
  • Challenges: As you progress, the shapes may become more complex, requiring more strategic thinking and careful placement of the pieces.

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